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Modules of the Online Biomedical Engineering Courses


Course Description

The Online BME Courses are a series of courses providing continuing biomedical engineering education for professionals using the IFMBE_Accredited Course Outline is organised in modules.

The courses are organized in Modules; each module is made up of 4 units. Each Modular course last 4 weeks, 1 unit per week (Monday - Friday) followed by a 1-day in-person workshop at a centre


The Course Modules

   1. The Human System (Engineering Analysis of the Human Body)   

   2. Electronics for Biomedical Engineering Students and Engineers  

   3. Biomedical Circuit reading and Troubleshooting  

   4. Health Technologies: Assessment and Management   

   5. Medical Equipment Procurement, Installation & Safety  

   6. Medical Equipment Inventory and Maintenance Management  

   7. Clinical Engineering: Education, Training, Certification & Other Professional Issues  

   8. Cell Regeneration, Tissue Engineering and Organ Replacements  

   9. WHO and Medical Devices: Policy and Regulatory Issues   

   10. WHO and Medical Devices: Technical Specifications and Manuals  

   11. Biomedical Informatics and Software Development in Health  

   12. Modeling & Simulation of Biomedical Systems   

   13. Re-Design & fabrication of Biomedical equipment  

   14. Maintenance and Repairs of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment  

   15. Maintenance and Repairs of Anaesthetic and resuscitation equipment  

   16. Maintenance and Repairs of Operating room equipment  

   17. Maintenance & Repairs of Ultrasound equipment  

   18. Maintenance & Repairs of X-ray Diagnostic equipment  

   19. Maintenance & Repairs of Laboratory equipment  

   20. Research & Career Development in Biomedical Engineering  



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