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Welcome to the Biomedical Engineering Online

The College of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, CBET Nigeria, an arm of Nigerian Institute for Biomedical Engineering, NIBE in collaboration with the Association of Biomedical Engineers and Technologists of Nigeria, NABET and International Federation for Medical and Biological engineering, IFMBE is proud to present the Online Biomedical Engineering Courses. These are a practically-oriented, e-learning series of courses that use a combination of online teaching and face-to-face workshops to equip the biomedical engineering professional with the required knowledge and skills for practice


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The rapidly expanding medical devices, technologies and systems in the healthcare sector have resulted in longer life spans, a better quality of life, cure and control of diseases. Concurrently, there has been an increase in healthcare costs and safety concerns in addition to other problems in the healthcare. All these add to cause a need for appropriate management of the healthcare technologies and systems. This informs the reason for this online bme courses for purposes of equipping and updating the knowledge, skills of the biomedical engineering professional for practice.


Key Information

* The IFMBE-Accredited online course series offers a 24x7 learning environment available at your home, work or anywhere an internet connection is accessible.
* The course runs throughout the year in trimesters (ie. 3 times/year and once every 4 months: ; ; ).
* The courses are organized in Modules each with adequate contents giving solid background for those applying, supporting, servicing or managing healthcare technologiesbr> * Each Modular course last 4 weeks, followed by a 1-day in-person workshop at a designated centre
* Estimated Time Commitment is 2-4 hours per week.
* Medical device problem oriented simulations, videos, interactive online discussions and networking make this course unique.


Target Professionals

The courses are designed for:
# clinical and technical staff working in the healthcare industry;
# clinical, management and technical staff working in the biomedical engineering and allied industries;
# academics and other staff of universities, polytechnics and colleges of health technology.
# researchers in institutes offering biomedical engineering and allied courses;
# students and adult learners who want to know more about the exciting field of biomedical engineering;
# career changers moving from a technical, bio-medical or other fields into the rapidly growing areas of biomedical engineering & technology.



Each module is assigned a credit unit of 5 and is a requirement for annual certification for professional practice of biomedical engineering professionals in Nigeria.



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