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Latest News

# 2018 Career Development Course holds in Ondo State Specialist Hospital, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, April 01 - 07.

# World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (WC 2018) will hold in Prague, Czeck Republic, June 03 - 08.

# 20th AGM / International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME 2019) holds in Kano, Nigeria, October, 2019.

# 2018 Zonal Seminars of the NABET to be announced.

# Read the latest edition of news@nibe .

Current membership directory of the Association of Biomedical Engineers and Technologists of Nigeria is ready.

Updated List of Fellows of the College of Biomedical Engineering and Technology now available.

# Click here to view the epoch-making procession of the first set of Fellows of the College of Biomedical Engineering and Technology.

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       CDC 2018B: Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Technology, ABMET

Participants here will choose courses from their respective faculties in addition to the general courses

General Courses GNRC
* Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Emerging Techniques
* Physiological Systems Modeling & Simulation
* Technical Reports and Research
* Advanced Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

Biological Engineering & Technology (Bioengineering/Biotechnology) BEAT
* Advanced Bioinformatics
* Ethico-legal Issues in Biotechnology
* Technologies in Pharmaceutical biotechnology
* Bio-compatibility in biomaterials

Medical Engineering & Technology MEAT
* Advanced Instrumentation Systems
* Medical Informatics and e-Health
* Biomedical Systems Analysiss
* Fundamentals of Safety Engineering

Clinical Engineering & Technology CEAT
* Advanced Clinical Engineering Systems
* Computerization of the Health Systems
* Equipment Management & Pathogens
* Issues in Clinical Engineering

Rehabilitation Engineering & Orthopaedic Technology RETOT
* Orthopaedics, Psychology and Rehabilitation engineering
* Application of Bioregenerative Engineering to Organ Systems
* Sensory Organ Replacement & Repair
* Limb and Girdle Orthotics

Biomedical Physics & Allied Sciences BPAS
* Plasma and Molecular Biophysics
* Nuclear Medicine Imaging
* Therapeutic Imaging Technologies
* Advanced Bio-Nanotechnology

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